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All photos in the RHI online photo archives are available free of charge. However, all photos are copyrighted. RHI AG, Wienerbergstrasse 9, A-1100 Vienna, retains all rights. Use of the photos is permitted only if the source is named ("Photo: RHI"), and for editorial purposes only. It is prohibited to use the photos for advertising purposes.

The digital RHI photo archives consists of the categories Management Board of RHI AG, Research & Development, Raw materials / production, refractory products and examples of applications of refractories in important customer aggregates.

The photos can be saved directly and processed in printing quality (300 dpi) with an image size of up to 10 cm. The average file size is 800 KB.

Should you require individual photos from the archives in a different format or higher resolution / different size, please send an e-mail to Corporate Communications with the required data, indicating the purpose of use and contact address.